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Blade and Fang

Blade and Fang was made during the Australian Global Game Jam 2022 and is a 2 player top-down 2D game where you play as either a Hunter or Vampire that take turns hunting each other depending on whether it was night or day.

The final game did not make it to completion for the game jam but a trailer of what it would have been can be found here:

My role in this project was a 2D UI Artist and I created the game logo, screens as well as icons and tarot cards.

Pause Screen1.png
The Lovers Card.png

The tarot cards were meant to be modifiers that were supposed to be drawn at the of each round that changed how the gameplay flowed.

The Hermit Card_edited.png
The Chariot Card.png

This is the UI I designed for the game during the main gameplay loop with each the fangs and blades at the top corners to represent the score. The intention with the blood red moon in the top was to act like a timer with it changing through the phases of the moon to signify a switch in hunting time.

Play Screen_edited.png
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