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Level Squared

LVL² is a minimalist puzzle platformer that won the first ever Best Student Game at the 2017 Game Awards. You play as a unique green square with a projection ability to manipulate the size and position of objects relative to their own.

You can play the demo of the game and get more information here:

My role in this project was Lead Artist with responsibilities that included:

  • Overall Art Direction

  • Creation and Implementation of 2D Assets and particle effects in unity

  • Level set dressing and scene production in Unity

  • Creation of marketing paraphernalia such as pins, business cards and visuals for social media


I was responsible for the reiteration and evolution of the art of Level Squared, from when it was just a final year project at university to being awarded the Best Student Game to what it is now.

More iterations of the aesthetic which all contributed to the final design.

This is the design of the final demo showcasing one of the particle effects I created.

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