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Anamnesis is an isometric point-and-click puzzle game that was created for the Australian Global Game Jam 2021, where you control an unnamed and silent protagonist who is accompanied by a disembodied narrator.

If you want to play this game, it can be found here:

My role in this project was a 2D UI Artist and I created the game logo, menu screens as well as icons.

The concept was for the menu to be contained in a book that the main character would refer to whenever they needed and would contain the inventory, task list, settings etc.

Anamnesis SS4_edited.png

I also created the icons for the mini navigation bar as well as for the in menu descriptions and maintained a sketchy style to adhere to the notebook aesthetic.

Anamnesis SS1.jpg

This is the main game screen with the mini navigation bar at the bottom that would contain all the icons of the items that the player picks up throughout the game. When moused over, the navigation bar would expand to show the full book.

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